September 27, 2012

A little bun in the.....Yup!

This was supposed to have been a "look what I've accomplished" post, regarding my workouts and new lifestyle change.... however, there was a little "snag" so to speak in my agenda. We're pregnant!!! After 6 long years of trial, error, and heartache, we finally are happy to announce that we'll be welcoming a baby BOY on January 25th of 2013!

 Just in case there was any doubt  :)

Oh my word, what an experience it's been, let me tell you!! As I've mentioned before, we moved to Nebraska last fall (2011) and My Mister started his new official AF job! Woohoo! Well, along with his new officiality, he got the joy of being able to "go overseas".... deployment..... (dun, dun, dunnnnnnn). He had 13 days to get ready, instead of the usual month or so given! We were hustling as well as hosting his parents who were incredibly helpful for us both. It was crazzziness at our house. Well, he left the day after his parents left, on May 1st and is gone until November 8th (hopefully no more extensions!).... now the fun part. :)
After he left, I had scheduled to go to Utah to stay with the family for a few weeks and left the Saturday after Mister left. We had so much fun hanging out and being together in Utah... but after a few weeks, I became aware of "something" if you know what I mean. I hadn't seen my favorite Auntie yet for the month. "Whatever", I thought to myself. It's happened before. Well, my family talked me into staying an additional 2 weeks; making my stay the entire month of May. After 2 more weeks I still hadn't seen "her". Soooooo, the test..... and it was POSITIVE!!! Do you believe in miracles? Because I definitely do now. TMI - we only had 1 chance and it worked! After 6 freakin' years, it finally worked.... when Jon was going to be gone. haha! Oh well, I'm not complaining! Great "going away" present if you ask me! haha!

So, here I am in September.... past the joys of the 1st trimester (let's just say we won't speak of eggs, root beer, popcorn, or broccoli for a while), and halfway done with the 2nd. My mom and I have had a couple of trips back and forth to Nebraska (I've been in UT for the Summer) getting the room ready for baby furniture when my guy comes home! I can't even describe the happiness I'm feeling right now. Feeling my little guy alive and growing is just indescribable, and my own personal miracle. I love him more and more each second of each day. Hopefully, this last month will fly by and Hubs will be able to have a taste of my pregger-ness (he's gotten lucky if you ask me!).