January 31, 2011

Christmas 2010 Trip to Utah

Alright, I know this is RIDICULOUSLY late. But hey, better late than never I always say! (hehe) Utah was AMAZINGLY busy over Christmas but goodness, it was soooo nice to see our families again. Our parent's homes were so festive and so welcoming. I love the smells that each offers, that immediately brings happy memories of years past rushing to the present. LOVE. IT.
Jonny getting ready for bed...at 7 Christmas Eve.

Cassie, Dev, and Daddy on Christmas Eve....We are SOOO ready to open our "1" present ( just 1? Ya right!)
Jon wide awake and showing his excitement!! Christmas Eve at mom and Dad's house.

Mom and Dad's awesomely retro Living Room.

Mom and Dad's gorgeous Italian Marble hearth.... It was even more beautiful in person with the cozy lighting.

Christmas Eve presents.... Love my sweet family. We open presents from each other on Christmas Eve and the "santa" presents in the morning.

"Horace" (me) and "Pierre" (Cass) trying to fall asleep Christmas Eve...We usually get crazy-delirious around 11-1am and this year we finally got it on film! haha!

Oh the joy of Christmas morning!
Close-up for mom and dad's fun tree. There are a TON of vintage ornaments from my mom and dad's childhood on there.

I am in LOVE with Dev's face....can you tell he's excited?! haha! Mom looks like she's still trying to wake up (it IS 4:30am after all)
Jon and the Christmas Haul!
Another shot of the Christmas magic.
My sweet, sleepy Jonny. He's such a trooper to wake up with me and my crazy family : )

Cass trying to take it all in. SOOOO EXCITING!
It just went on and on forever!
Dev, Jon, Cass and Mom (and Kitty)

My cute penguin sock-slippers. Jon's favorite animals are penguins and these just happened to be in my stocking : ) Oh, and Lamby-puppy.

Mom showing off her new Faux Fur wrap. (an her new puppy at the base of Cassie's feet)

My attempt at being evil with my camera's flash (bwahahaha!)

Mom making sure we haven't missed anything IN the tree.

Dev rockin' his new "house-robe" and Cass going through the goods of her stocking.

Mom and a sleeping Penny puppy. Along with 1 of our wrapping paper trash cans.
Jon trying to stay awake, his stocking resting before him woke him right up!