January 19, 2012

Here's the skinny on being healthy

Hey folks,

So a lot has happened since the start of the New Year. One of the most important, and the one I'm most excited about, is this: I'm kickin' my boo-tay into shape! Big Time!! My hubby and I made a goal around the Fall of last year, to be in the best shape of our lives by the same time in 2012. Well, we're sticking to that goal.

We've totally restructured our daily habits and have accepted the "clean lifestyle" required to reach our goal. Honestly, it's dang hard, and I hate all the eggs to be eaten with a passion no one can measure - but - I can see results already and I KNOW my hard work is payin' off!!! wooohoo!

I have a few credo's that have helped me along the way.... Some are cute and sassy, others are down right to the point. I hope this inspires someone the way it did me.

Any girl who's practiced this one, knows it's true. 

This is one that I remember ALWAYS. It's hard sometimes to keep going when you feel that you're not making any progress. The good news? Proof is in the pudding, as they say. It's been 3 weeks and I'm seeing results I never thought would happen this fast!!! Hollah!!!  

Ok my Biggest Loser fans.... We all know Jillian is the Empress of the World of fitness and this is one I think of when I'm making those ugly, strained faces at myself in the gym mirrors. YOU CAN DO IT! JUST ONE MORE!!!

To help me keep my happy-creative-foodie side content during this phase of things, I've had to search my Foodie Files to find some yummy, yet crazy-healthy meal ideas. Luckily, I'm not alone in my quest of scrumptious good-for-you meals!

This Kale Soup I found in a magazine a recently picked up, was tried out over at The Pantry Diaries, and it still sounds awesome to me. 
It has lots of protein, and obviously, covers your greens intake perfectly!

These Roasted Zucchini and Tomatoes look PHENOMENAL and are perfect for my low-fat, low-carb lifestyle. No flavor sacrificed! That's what I'm talkin' bout! Kalyns Kitchen tried it out - get the recipe there.

This next one is my absolute fave. I have 1/2 of this each morning, with a few slices of extra-lean turkey bacon and my Lean Green smoothie. Delish!
Get the recipe for this version from Do Better.

My recipe for Egg White, Oatmeal Pancakes is this:

1-2 pkts low sugar or weight control instant oatmeal
1 c Egg White (egg beater carton)
1 tsp Truvia
1 scoop Flax seed
1 scoop Protien powder
dash cinnamon
dash salt
dash vanilla
Craisins (opt)
Non-Stick spray

Mix it all together and pour into a frying pan you've sprayed liberally with Non-Stick spray. Be sure to spread the oats around so that they're evenly distributed. Cover and cook on med-low until the center is springy to the touch and edges are lightly browned. This is absolutely incredible with non-sweetened applesauce on top. MMMMMmm! Enjoy!

I guess with all of this motivational talk, I should mention what motivated me to begin with. First of all, I have two AMAZING sister-in-laws who are the epitome of good health and care for one's self. I can never catch up to them, but I can do my best to do my own thing! Right? Well, after telling this to my sweetie, he went online and found me the best website in the entire universe: Body Building.com. He went on there and found a person's profile who best matched mine and my goals, and set up a fabulous routine for me! It's awesome, seriously. Here's the Bikini Comp photo of her(I promise she doesn't look this nasty all the time - see following pic):
She's 5' 8", started at 142lbs, and here she's 122! That's my dream weight (and what I weighed when we were first married). Following her pre-competition routine has been way easier than I thought it would and I just keep this picture in my mind when I'm struggling through a hard workout. I'm not planning on competing anytime soon, but I just want to be a lean, mean, healthy-machine!

Here's a pic of her before and current:


See? Healthy and perfectly lean. 

Well, that's it for now. I'll keep ya'll updated as things progress!

XOXO - Linz