July 13, 2011

It's all about the hair

Let me start by saying this.... I need an update. I've been working on this gradually since 2009 but I've now come to the most dramatic portion- MY HAIR. I need to tell you that this is  HUGE thing for me because my hair is completely who I am. I had a horrendous hair cut when I was younger that scarred me from ever having short hair EVER again, so my hair is and always will be long. It's hard to mix things up with long hair sometimes, unless you've got


There it is. That's what I've been contemplating for the last little bit. I found the CUTEST style ever the other day on A Beautiful Mess. I LOOOVE Elsie's hair!!! Her bangs are completely rocking my world. (okay, basically her entire style!!!! *sigh*) So now the decision remains.... can I pull the bangs off?

Exhibit A: This is me with straight hair (please excuse the funky pose - it's the best straight hair pic I've got handy). Notice the roundness of the face - I don't want the bangs to accentuate any of the chipmunkness that is my cheeks.
Exhibit B: My curly hair. I'm a tad worried that the bangs with my curls might look a bit...uh, ferocious... because of how short they'll be.

Below is Elsie.... Oh the foxiness is KILLING ME!!!

If the full bang thing just isn't right, than I think I'm gonna go for a cute side-swept thing...

What's the verdict? ANY feedback given would be appreciated.... Oh decisions, decisions.