November 08, 2011

We made it... Just in time for the Holly-days!

Hey ya'll! It's definitely been a while, but my word we've been busy!!!! We made it here to Nebraska just in time for winter to settle in. We got to spend a good time with our families as well which was sooo needed, I can't even say.

Like I said though, we made it here just in time for Halloween and you KNOW this girl decorated - even amid our piles of boxes. I loved having all the huge spooky trees blowing leaves down our street. It's funny to watch the 2 squirrels romp around the yard and up and down the trees. Fabulous-Fall. <3

In honor of the upcoming Holidays, I've put together my list of Winter/Holiday ideas. These are things I'd like to do or just love the idea of... Let me know if you have any you think I might like to!! I'm so ready to get my craftiness on!

Snuggly Sweater, Rockin' Boots, and a cute Headband are a MUST!

Nothing says the Holidays to me as much as a red plaid, flannel shirt does. Love the asymmetrical buttons too.

You know you're going to need a warm, fuzzy robe for Christmas morning! I love the idea of a floor-length one - just like Grandmother used to wear.
I'm loving the length and uniqueness of this door decor.

With a couple of these on either side of the door, who wouldn't feel welcome stopping by to say "hi!"
How easy would this be to put together! Love the bell as the "O"

Cute and YUMMY little pedestal gift decorations. These colors are FABULOUS too!

Okay, what a great idea. I love the idea of lights within the glass lanterns, but have always had a tough time with seeing all that ugly green cord! Problem solved = fill that puppy up with festive ornaments! It would probably work great for Halloween too; filled with pumpkins and spider web.

Can we say WOW! I mean, this is the most gorgeous little "Hansel and Grettle-esque" gingerbread house I've ever seen!

This could go either way - as a decoration for yourself or even as a neighbor/friend gift! Cute with scrapbook paper and matching ribbon.

Love, love, love this idea! I've even seen this mounted in a cute picture frame with cream background behind it. Darling!
I loved this cute idea to "dress up" the ol'paper plate for my neighbor treats this year. (The red one's my fave!)

Cute little felt mittens and a nice cardboard hat box make this so festive and that much more memorable for the receiver. Plus, how fun to make the mittens!!! :)

More to come I'm sure.... These Holidays are my favorite!



  1. That top outfit is darling! Next time you guys are in Utah please call! I'd love to see you even if it's only long enough to give you both a hug!

    Please post more pictures of you guys!

  2. Oh I love this, these are wonderful and can't wait for christmas this year, only just found your site!

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  3. Oh how wonderful, don't get me started on Christmas already, it's on it 's way so fast, recently got some landscape wall art and they have great items for christmas!

  4. Oh how wonderful, I really can't wait till Christmas comes around again!

  5. Glad everything went well and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
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  6. Do you know who the red plaid shirt is by? It looks like possibly Burton, but it's too hard to tell. Thanks, it is super cute!