August 04, 2010

First posting EVER!

For all you official bloggers out there I have one thing to say to you....How do you do this?! Seriously, if I had hours on my hands, I still would have issues. Am I blogging-retarded? Help?! As I've pasted and removed, typed and deleted for the past (not going to mention) hours, I've come to the conclusion that I lack in the blogging department. Something to work on! yay....

However, I do have something good to share, I am addicted to this new all-purpose sauce I bought at the Commissary a month or so ago. We tried it for the first time tonight and it was AMAZING!! It's called Mango-Coconut Pepper Sauce and it's phenomenal! It suggests trying it with fish and chicken (we used chicken tenders tonight) or even just over tofu. I've got big plans for this sauce...mainly to do with a Costa Rica/Islander theme. yum!

On anther note, I know there are some who haven't heard of P90X, but for those of you who have...tell me your success stories! My friend Amanda and I have been doing it all week and I can already see results! Can you say, "hello abs"?! I admit that my out-of-shape, flabby self has more hidden "jigglies" than I would like to admit, however after this week I've discovered more "ow!" spots than jigglies! lol! Meaning that there are muscles being worked that I never knew existed! I'm so excited!! My dream body shape would have to be similar to Jennifer Aniston's. She's not I-don't-eat-anything skinny, but rather more of a I-care-about-the-health-of-my-body skinny. We shall see. Luckily Amanda is fabulous motivation and I KNOW would kick my butt if I started slackin' off! (right???)

Well, I'm working on pics and how to get something interesting posted on here. My family is coming this weekend and I should have some rockin' pics from our adventures(also in the amazing meals I have planned...can't wait!)!


  1. Great job Linz!!! Can't wait to see you two. Love Ya Mom

  2. Mom! I didn't know you had a blog too!!!

  3. To anyone interested in buying the Mango Coconut Pepper sauce above, check out their website:


  4. I haven't poster any thing in over 1 1/2 years as you can see. Maybe I should start again. Tabi has one so does Jackie and Jenn although a bit out dated like my.

  5. I'm so excited you have a blog! I can't wait to see pictures of you and Jon!

    Make sure you check out my blogs too!