September 24, 2010

Beautification comes slowly

We got our furniture!!! Just in time to decorate for fall, I might add as well. It finally feels like someone actually lives here! Fall is and always has been one of my absolute favorite seasons, which gives me a fantastic excuse to decorate to my little heart's content! Hahaha, what do you think? It's so cozy and nice to be here now. All we need to improve upon it, would be to have fall leaves blowing down the street....not gonna happen though. Gotta love Cali! :)

One side of the living room...

...The other side of the Living Room

Front entryway
 TV...This was the hardest thing to figure out a spot for. This house has the goofiest layout EVER!

Dining Room looking towards the kitchen and patio...
 Across from the Dining Room table.

 Sitting room by the kitchen

My precious bookcase room; there are 3 more cases in here!(mostly filled with my cookbooks...hehe)

We're still working on "spiffing up" the top to follow soon I hope!

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  1. So cute! It's always what I imagined your home looking like, clean and cute! Love you much!