September 27, 2010

Jon's Banana-Bread Chocolate Pie

 I came home from church yesterday to find my cute hubby cooking away in the kitchen. He was stirring an unidentifiable, goobery mass on the stove which he promptly had me taste. He called it "mooshed banana pie". He mushed up 3 ultra-ripe bananas, a handful of chopped pecans, a handful of sweetened-shredded coconut, 1 can of evaporated milk, and some sugar and honey to taste. It was TO DIE FOR! He poured the banana-moosh into the base of a graham shell and then put chocolate pudding on the top covered with more coconut and pecans. Delish!!! Isn't it beautiful?

Jon devouring his masterpiece while we watched "Archangel" Sunday afternoon. I'm so proud of my sweetie!


  1. Okay, so where is the recipe????!? If it is that good then we all need to know how to build that! Your house looks so cute, I sure wish I could come and see you!! Love you tons!

  2. Sounds irresistible. Jon really know how to bake. You are very lucky lady.