December 04, 2010

Holiday Prep

So being a said, "military wife", the less-than-loved salary comes right along with it. I've had to really get my creative juices flowing this year in regards to gifts to give. I have a few ideas and here are the ones I'm willing to least before the holiday :)

1. Holiday Recipe Cards
I love recipes. All kinds and all genres. So, this being the case, I can honestly say I have quite the collection of Holiday-Specific recipes and thought I would share them with those I love! In my mind's eye I pictured beautiful scrapbooked-looking, vintage-lovely cards, but being on a budget again I had to do what I could with what we had. What do you think???

I got a few of my ideas out of this fantabulous book. I got this from Mom Raymond last year for Christmas and it's one of my faves!!!!!
This is one of my prized Christmas books. It's about 4x6" big but it is sooo much fun to read through. She has little quotes and everything you see is hand-drawn and hand written. It's super cute. In fact, on one of the cards below, there's a "Recipe for a Happy Christmas" quote that's taken from this book.
All of the recipe cards lain out. I got some cute ribbon today that I'll be finishing these up with. Can't wait to see the final product!

If anyone of you tries these recipes, let me know what you think! I can't wait to try all of these! XOXO


  1. cutest stinkin xmas presents ever!! Very thoughtful and creative! from the heart, which is most important

  2. I love love this idea!
    And I love your header too!! xx

  3. Great job on the cards...all lovely and festive!
    Also, wonderful recipes!
    Thanks for sharing!