March 16, 2011

Future inspiration for myself

Down the road I'm looking into getting better connected with my sewing machine.... here are some items of inspiration for me...

I'm so in love with these ideas!!!

Oh my goodness. I NEED this!

I think this is the best idea for "grandma" shirts!

I just can't get enough of this! With a little more length it'd be perfect!

Isn't this so Vogue?!?!

I love this! I can't get over the fact that it used to be a plain old long sleeve shirt!!!!

This is my all time love. #1 she looks like an elf. #2 it's my favorite color combo!!!

The ruffles on this are fabulous. She even did the Embroidery on her machine!

LOVE this cardigan. Yes, it's a cardigan. The buttons are below the strip of "leaves".
This is genius for the button-strip. So chic!

The ruching on this is amazing!!! Learn how to do it too HERE.
This is how to take in items that are too big. So simple! Just follow the link to Grosgrain Here
I am so in love with this, I'm literally at a loss for words. Grosgrain
Love this idea for taking in huge sweaters. Look how she's reused the ruffles!
This is by far, my favorite one!!!! This girl's got major talent!!!

Don't you love the colors??!!! Her idea about the flower is fabulous!

If only she sold what she made.... I would buy one of these in a heartbeat!!!!
LOVE this.

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