March 08, 2011

What's New!

Hey all!

I know it's been a while, but I've been busy!!! Work has had me pulling 14-15 hour days and my brain has had me seriously rethinking my priorities!! Because of all this, I've had the time to come to 2 conclusions about acquiring some seriously-needed hobbies for my self. These are:

1. My house SERIOUSLY needs more decor when it's not Fall or Christmas and that's where my interests currently lie.

2. If I want these cute things, I want to CREATE what I want!

So, if I want to do this stuff I figured I'd better get an idea of where to even start! I have a cute neighbor who I've seen spray painting and crafting things in her front yard (see "My Recycled House blog in my list) and I was curious about how hard that type of thing was. So I've been researching and learning and have made a few "things" to start out with and I have to say that I'm REALLY happy with the results so far!! I L-O-V-E making things!!!

First off, I saw on multiple blogs these people who go yard-saleing (yes, I know that's so not a real word) and junking and find these amazing treasures. However, they don't stop there!!! They then take the said treasures, and make something so fantastic, it makes your heart stop and you brain scream "OF COURSE!! WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT!?!?" Haha! This is where I've started.....

This was once all 1 piece; a 12" candlestick. However, I sawed it in 1/2 and used it as the base to my "Fruit" bowl stand.
This would be the 1970's-era bowl I discovered at Goodwill one day. It was all cracked and gross.
A few coats of spray paint later....and Voila!!!
I love it so much!!! This lamp is also a find I re-purposed. It cost me $2.17 at the Last Chance Mercantile up in Marina. I got the lamp shade on closeout at Target for $9 and there we go! Super cute new lamp!
Okay, so after I braved making the fruit bowl, I did the lamp (shown above) which was suuuuuper easy. I'm keeping an eye out for more!! I then proceeded with my next attempt....


This is the base I found at Goodwill one day. I think it was the stand of a Glass-Topped Hurricane vase or something before I found it. There was no top, just this 5 lb(I'm completely serious, it weighs a ton!) base.
This is the Jell-O mold I also discovered at Goodwill. It's a well-used tarnished, yucky silver right now...
...Then I glued the two together and it the fit was a match made in heaven!!! I added some primer and a little spray paint and.....

VOILA! My cute little dish! I love the accent it adds to my decorative corner. I'm thinking about adding something into the top of it. Like some cute little stick-balls or something. We'll see.
Isn't it fun?!?
Just a little something extra I found at a Goodwill stop one day. This used to be a super tarnished, silvery-green color. But I added my favorite spray paint and it was the perfect table-topper!

I have tons more projects on the way, so be patient with me and I'll have plenty to show!!!



  1. Love Love all your creations You are amazing. Love Ya .

  2. Chica!! These are soooooo coool! I am impressed :P I may have to take a leaf out of your book when we get to Florida! Hope all is well :)