November 25, 2011

Our First Nebraska Guests!

Yaaaay! It's the start of the Christmas Season and I couldn't be more excited for it to be here! I'm loving (LOOOOOVING) our new house here in Nebraska and can't wait to show you how cute and cozy it's going to look after we get the Christmas decor up. EEEEE!!! So excited!!

In addition to being able to pull out my "treasures" of the season, we also get a fun surprise for the actual holiday too.... MY FAMILY IS COMING FOR CHRISTMAS! Holy cow, we were so sad that we weren't able to go home this year since we just barely got here and my family decided they'd come out here instead! I just hope that the weather holds up long enough for them to get here.

So, since we get our first guests, my "stash-room" now needs to hurry up and become the Guest Room it's destined to be! haha! We've got a bed coming (no more air mattress, people!!) and I'm trying to decide exactly which bedding will look best with my beige walls and hardwood floors. I'm thinking reds or browns.... hmmm. Besides the bedding though, I'm so ready for them to get here. I've decided to go all out and make it kind of like a little B&B for them - complimentary gifts, mints, and everything!!

For the bedding, I'm trying to decide between all of these 3 - of course the stripey one will only be seasonal, but it sure looks cute! 

I love this whoooole ensemble. The color of the little table is the color of my hardwood floors too.

This one just makes me want to jump right in and snuggle in with a good cookbook. : ) It also totally screams the style of Susan Branch! (see below for her idea on how to make the room even cozier!)

This one here is the one that is the easiest to choose - I've already found where to buy it.... just not totally sold on it yet.

For my guest's enjoyment during their stay with us, I've also put together some fun "complimentary" items as well. 

Perfectly portioned "toiletries" for their convenience and for what they might have forgotten. (forget about that gold butterfly though - eesh!)
I just love the ideas inside of these baskets. Plus, who doesn't love unwrapping something ESPECIALLY for them!!?!
These toiletries are PERFECT! Mouthwash and all.

A "Fun" basket for their room - Including: a list of fun places for them to see while here. A few homemade snacks. A few good magazines or books/games. A cozy, snuggly blanket for those wintery days out here, and all wrapped up in a cute, festive bucket or something!
A fun little snack selection is ALWAYS  good thing. Of course, in my house, it would probably be cookies and fresh bread...mmmmm.

.... And of course we've GOT to have the mints for their pillows. Now I don't know about you all, but that 1 little Andes mint or whatever they typically give you is never enough... so I'm thinking this portion is MUUUUCH better!  : )
Of course you've got to have it all smelling scrumptious and welcoming for your guests when they arrive, so some delicious, pungent, spicy-smelling oranges are JUST the thing!

To sum this all up, here are some little idea lists if you're planning on doing something like this down the road for your guests. I found some of the things on there to be fabulous ideas!!!

Susan Branch does things the best - if you're one of us down-home-comfort kind of people <3



  1. Maybe we need to visit Nebraska if this is the kinds of service we can expect!