December 28, 2012

Progress on the Babe and a Photo Shoot

Soooo, it's been a while. haha! Things have definitely been moving along over here though. Jonny got home the 2nd week of November and life has just barely started to settle down.

Baby-wise, we're officially at 36 weeks! Baby boy is moving and grooving daily and growing a tad LARGE if I do say so myself. haha! It's fun to see his little head or bum travel across my belly throughout the day.... Not so fun to have that in the middle of the night though. Just being honest. I'm just wondering how much bigger this little bud is going to grow.... hmmm.

Yesterday Jonny and I went to a local park and had so much fun (froze our booties off!) watching the squirrels romp through the tree-tops gathering food and leaves for their nests. The photographer in J certainly  came out to play! He was chasing after the squirrels as they flew around above us in the trees and scampered across the snow. Jon's so cute when he gets into the "Photographer" mode of himself.

In addition to the squirrels, we had some fun taking "preggo pics" - even though my belly isn't really very visible (tall girl problems). I just love the red contrast against the snow! The plaid is my 2nd fave.... Love. It!
Looking up at the crazy squirrels

Christmas Photo Shot - Couldn't be helped!

36 weeks = 9 months pregnant

If you like the look of Jon's work, you should check out his other stuff! Seriously, he's got awesome talent and more than 17 years experience under his belt! Here's the LINK to his website.

Happy Holidays

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  1. Seriously in Monday of those shots you don't even look pregnant!