August 16, 2010

Mi Casa es su Casa!

This is for those of you who haven't yet seen our house. We got SUPER lucky getting this, because technically we should be living in a duplex or something smaller. However, when we got here, the only house available on the "list" for us, was this one! It's awesome!!! If anyone is headed out to the Bay Area, PLEASE come and stay with us!! We have 2 guest bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 family rooms and a 2 car garage!! wooohoo!!

Not to mention the fact that we get to see the ocean from all sides of the house. It's such a blessing! Isn't it beautiful!??? I have the windows open(at least the blinds...too cold!) every day!

From my office window...see the bay? The city on the other side is Monterey, actually Cannery Row.

From the back side of the house! The beach is a 5 min drive away. You can bike or walk there too!

We love it here! Come visit anytime!!!

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  1. I hope we can go visit some day! Your house looks great.