September 09, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is sooooo much fun! I always think of it as a vacation for your vacation in regards to summer ending. Know what I mean? It's a short respite from school that's started up again, and for the oncoming Autumn season when your body's telling you to start hibernating(at least mine is! Yeesh!). Anyway, this year we were away from family for the first time, which meant that we weren't going boating with his family, or having a BBQ or going camping with mine; it was us and us alone. Luckily, we have AWESOME friends and had sooo much fun all weekend that we didn't have time to miss anyone too much.

First off, on Saturday we went to Ashley furniture and got a new living room set!!! I can hardly wait until this comes! We sold our couches before we moved out here and have been sitting on camp chairs since we've been here(totally serious)! I fell in love with this set when we were out in UT last week and found out there was an Ashley out in Salinas kind of by our house. So, Jon promised that we could come look when we got home....voila! New couches! ahahaha!
What do you think??? It's a 3rd-Generation Microfiber that looks like a beautiful mottled leather, aaaaand it matches our walnut kitchen set perfectly!!! yay!!!
We also decided to get the overstuffed chair(minus the ottoman, for now) to go with this too!! Isn't it sooo beautiful!!! Eeek!

So after we spent the afternoon buying these lovelies, we decided that buying furniture made us hungry and went to eat at the Chevy's here. I personally had never been to a Chevy's and it was FANTASTIC!! I'm wishing we could go back there soon....hint, hint hunny! 8-) Our friends the Woolverton's came with us to check out Ashley's bedroom collection and to just hang out. Amanda and I had fun shopping at the mall and lusting after clothes in NY and Co especially...haha, oh shopping. Anyway, after we were finished with dinner, we headed home to finally sleep after being awake(flew home from UT today as well) for 19 hours!

Sunday was a "get adjusted to home again" day. We unpacked, vegged out, cleaned ourselves up, and had a BBQ with the Woolverton's! Can I just say that men have a natural knack for cooking meat over an open flame!! Hello!!! Amanda and I decided that it would be a good idea to have a Men-Cook night each week. Great idea, right?! haha! We had steak, deviled eggs, chips and salsa, fruit salad, baked beans, and lemonade pie! It was awesome! We got to play some fun games too!! Have you ever heard of Beyond Balderdash??! It's basically the best game ever invented and needless to say, things got a little crazy! It was too much fun!!

The night didn't end with the Woolverton's though! Michelle and Nels got to come down from Vacaville and have a sleep over!!!! Yay for friends that live kinda close!!! We had fun relaxing and playing Mormon Mouthful(like MadGab) and Pterodactyll(hilarious when everyone is delirious from lack of sleep). At about a quarter past way-too-late, we all decided we'd better get to bed so we could play to our utmost on Monday!

This is me mid "Pterodactyll"....hahaha!! You're not allowed to show your teeth when you say it!

Monday we decided to go to the Aquarium and just chill down on Canary Row! However, first things first, we OF COURSE had to go get our boba snow bubble drinks! My flavor of choice was Green Apple/Coconut...mmMMmm!
The Aquarium was sooo  much fun, and so much BIGGER than I thought it would be! It was awesome.

Jon and I looking out over the bay! Such a sunny day!(rare for those of you familiar with the Bay Area)
The water wasn't very shallow so we tried to find some cool fish down below the desk where I'm standing...
One of the many GINORMOUS tanks at the aquarium. This one reminded me of the Little Mermaid. It was so pretty and the fish were nice looking...nothing in it that would rip your arm off...or a leg.

This thing behind me is the coolest thing EVER! It's like a tide pool thing....but every couple of minutes a huge wave comes out of the top of that rock...FUN!!

This is INSIDE the wave tunnel(the thing above like a tide pool). It's super loud and pretty in there!

So after a while of looking around, we got to the fun part upstairs where it's mostly for kiddies! Jon found this giant egg and decided he wanted to "hatch" from it....hahaha!
Then we found this awesome clam shell and decided it was a perfect picture spot!!(of course).
Overall, I'd say it was a fabulous weekend! Know I'm just counting down to Halloween!!!!

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  1. I've never sen you hair straight! It looks fabulous, but then again you always look beautiful.