September 09, 2010


Who doesn't love a fabulous vacation!? Well, we finally got to have one ourselves! Jon's class break was the last week of August and we took the opportunity to go home to UT and see our families...both of us this time!(I travel back for work every couple of months)

We stayed at mom and dad Raymond's house and got to have fun seeing them everyday. Sunday night, mom planned a fun picnic up Provo Canyon at Canyon Glen Park. We had fried chicken and hung out by the river with Jenn, Jackie, and Justin and of course all the little kids! Can you believe Sayla(our 3 yr old niece) is riding a 2 wheeler!! crazy!!! That girl's gonna rule the world by the time she's 10! haha!

Here's Jackie and Jeremy and Taiben and Sayla....What a feast, huh?
Here's us with Justin. He's been digging a Rock-Climbing cave out of the mountain behind us. He's basically the superman of outdoors activities. Seriously. There was also a weird goth-concert-thing happening over behind that building to the side of Jon. It wasn't bad music actually. Those people were crazy talented!!

Of course mom needed to get a portrait pic of Jonny and I. I have to admit that we make a pretty cute couple! Love that airman!!!

After Sunday, things were pretty much just chill and go-with-the-flow days. My mom and family had a yummy dinner for us on Monday night. We had fun talking and hanging out with the kids and mom and dad. They even invited their friend Leland to come too! It makes me homesick just talking about it.

Overall, Utah was great. We can't wait to go back in December!!!

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