August 14, 2011

Future Dream Office

Well, with the move coming up and the vision of a new house (oooo, I can't wait!!), I've been scoping out new home office ideas. I've basically been "style-less" up to this point so I'm DYING to jump on the design train and make something inspiring, peaceful and FABULOUS! Here are some of my ideas....

I love the room for inspiration of this one.

Sweet and professional.

I love the clean lines and open space of this one.

Oh my goodness, I L.O.V.E. this one. Craft Room / Office / Sewing Room. YES PLEASE!

This would be great and client friendly, should the need arise. Very clean space for sure.

I. NEED. THIS. Holy girliness personified. Plus, check out the view!

I love how clean, yet cozy this one is. No "stress-vibes" from this room!

Words can't begin to describe the fabulousness of this room. I'm loving the vintage feeling that awesome Retro Branch gives, from the background. Colors are amazing too.

This one would be great if kids are around. They could be playing in the big room, while you do what you need to here. Cozy and comfortable.

Huge. Fabulous. Organized... just to name a few things I love here. This was originally a sewing room....

What do you think are "must-haves" for a home office?

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