August 14, 2011

It's coming... Moving day!

Well, the day is coming.... Yes we're MOVING!

I'm still trying to get my ahead around everything that we need to do before we leave, but yet, I'm leaving my beloved West Coast and moving inland... as in middle of the middle Nebraska! All I seem to hear people say when I tell them where, is "hope you like corn" (followed by a laugh or two). It wouldn't be so bad, but because it's a military move, we get about 1 mile and a half of red tape to take care of during the whole process! yay!(note the sarcasm) I guess we'll take it as it comes. Mr Hubby will be back from his assorted trainings in a month and then things will sure move fast! We have to report by the 12th of October! whew! Wish us luck!

Another crazy thing that's happened is I've changed jobs! Holy cow it still feels weird to say it out loud. I've been with job A for about 5 years and it literally has become my second half. However, job B popped up last year and the situation arrived that I had to make a decision.... I decided to stay with job A. WHAT?! ya, so I quit A and B jumped in with a fabulous proposition and the decision was made. Amazing! I can't even begin to tell ya'll what kind of things are in front of me for the next month transitioning from A - B, but honestly, I'm learning something new each day. About training someone to learn how to think and project, how to read job A's mind(a she, to be specific), and how to cover her butt by learning to email about everything! Then there's job B and learning where I fit into the puzzle that is a newly forming team of Entrepreneurial masterminds. It's crazy... that's about all I know myself at this point. We'll see how this plays out. Yipes!

Wish me luck!

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